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The hustle Up long lunch

We are rebooting the Friday Long lunch.
The lunch’s purpose is to enjoy meeting other likeminded business, and entrepreneurial thinkers that will tease something out of your grey matter.

Each lunch is set around an Innovation and solutions based theme, which will be emailed to you with an invite., hence not all lunch themes will suit, so you can cherry-pick what works for you.
Next date to be advised

  • Max of 20 available seats 
  • Venues are all Main Beach Restaurants. Each venue is briefed on the”Hustle UP” food and service code.
  • This is not a networking lunch – do not bring any promotional material or business cards.
  • There will be no business pitches, just a quick intro to identify you by name..
  • All attendees will be added to a group email prior to and post-lunch, this is for the purpose of introduction and follow for the attendees only.
  • You will be emailed the theme, long lunch menu options and costs to place your order by return email.
  • You will be asked to email the group your best insights into the lunch’s theme. – Something constructive, short and to the point.

To add your name to the invite list  please email me –

Kind Regards

Steve Holmes

Hustle Up is a villager styled email circular:
What are Villagers

Villagers are people that come together around shared values, visions, and aspirations. It’s those Villagers who build the Village.

We have begun by highlighting peoples innovative ideas – our agenda is to just start by listing ideas that could stimulate new creative business opportunities or help an existing business. This is not about making sense in the first instance.

A Central Theme

The future of connectedness is localism – Villages full of Villagers
As we move the Hustle Up email forward we will evolve the structure to suit the cloth.

The Secret Sauce

The Village Vibe
It’s the Villagers who build the Vibe – so let them do it – empower their aspirations.
Feel the evolution, let it happen, become part of the solution – all these elements of the mind build the Village Vibe.
Reaching, seeking, and pursuing stimulate especially if there are many.

Great Businesses need their Village

Great businesses come from these types of ecosystems. Businesses are now beginning to seek their own Village ecosystems and the Village of Main Beach is perfectly positioned to host and lead out such a culture – a new postmodern revolution in business – grassroots and local.

Please email me – Steve Holmes on this link

If you have any suggestions, we are all ears /eyes.

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Destination Main Beach has partnered up with our local community business and organisations to develop and tease out some real and raw innovational thinking, and actions.