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Spaghetti Della Casa Quentin styled


Spaghetti Della Casa on Tedder Avenue in Main Beach -fantastic pasta. Try it Quentin styled - hold the mushrooms and the spaghetti just add pene - grazie grazie grazie hmmmm deliziosa

Spaghetti Della Casa Quentin styled2019-11-07T05:04:30+00:00

Hard Coffee


In the Village that smiles  Ph. (07) 5526 [...]

Hard Coffee2020-04-06T00:08:00+00:00

Tedder Techie


Tedder Techie your Village go to for Landing Pages & [...]

Tedder Techie2019-11-07T04:46:33+00:00

Main Beach Progress Association Christmas


Main Beach Progress Association Christmas Update and Notice, On behalf of the Committee of the Main Beach Progress Association, we wish you all a safe and very Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year

Main Beach Progress Association Christmas2018-12-21T05:50:27+00:00

Christmas on Tedder Hard Coffee Style


Christmas on Tedder Hard Coffee Style. When you want Alfresco ! See Donna @ Hard Coffee - Captain, Boss Lady or just Donna! oh bugger – how did Richard Fowler sneak into that pic – he must have been after Donna’s autograph!

Christmas on Tedder Hard Coffee Style2019-11-07T04:25:20+00:00

Tedder Villagers strutting it out on the Avenue


Yes Hot Shotts have added a huge pulse and Vibe to the Village Vibe and are part of the fast growing rebirth and success of Tedder Village.  We think the  Hot Shott Experience is ace and the Hot Shott team are super Villagers Go Hot Shott yourself now!

Tedder Villagers strutting it out on the Avenue2019-11-07T04:26:32+00:00

A Main Wave breakfast Experience in Tedder Village


At the heart of our Tedder Village is Tedder Avenue, an experience, friendly, easy on the eye, with it’s very own ambient pulse thats so easy to kick back and relax on. The Tedder Village is the culture and personality that is fast Evolving, a collective of Active lifestylers – Villagers who love life, they smile and laugh, they share and they care. A trendy Village Vibe that draws you in for more. New Biz Villagers such as Main Wave Restaurant, have really added to our Village Vibe.

A Main Wave breakfast Experience in Tedder Village2019-11-07T05:06:01+00:00