Jump on and pitch in as we build a stunning if not remarkable Future Villager experience here in Main Beach.

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A Classic Grassroots Villager Story

The Main Beach culture embraces the best of our past within the best of our present and future efforts.

We are a Grassroots Villager Community, that pulls together around collectively shared values and the visions and aspirations that rise up from them. A responsibility and a privilege.

What is DMB?

Destination Main Beach is a community builder and Publisher founded by Steve & Claire Holmes in 2012/13

Brief history

We began our journey in late 2012 to rebuild a broken community, we had zero experience in such a task and evolved forward through the very harsh and prolonged fallout of the GFC.

Experiences & Lessons define strategy

It is no secret that harsh experiences become the lessons to be learned. The key question at this point was how could we ensure Main Beach as a community would never again fall victim to an external financial collapse.

We needed to craft out a strategy that not only future-proofed what we had learned, but something innovative and sustainable. The thinking was simple! If the grassroots created their Village then they would almost certainly evolve it forward and defend it. So the challenge became, how could we achieve this? We needed to first give the grassroots vision and voice, and then a pathway for their potentials to rise up and lead. Localism leading globalism.

A strategy that is what it says

A Village for the Villagers, by the Villagers.
This is our expectation, this is how we live, it inspires a self and shared responsibility –
“It’s we Villagers that build our Village.”

Villagers build Villages

  • Villagers are people who come together around shared values, and the visions and aspirations that rise up from them. They build the village!
  • The Village is the nucleus and safe haven of the villagers, an outward expression of the Villagers it embodies.

Localism leading Globalism

Local leading Global is the next wave, and it has already begun. Communities with well-organised grassroots cultures that embrace change will be able to benefit and enjoy this next wave.

So our direction is simple

Build a resourceful and remarkable Villager ecosystem that allows and supports the grassroots values, visions and aspirations to rise up and lead. Something special that significantly contributes to Main Beach and the wider Gold Coast experience.

Build in Public

Our strategy is underpinned by a culture of build-in-public.  We feel this keeps everything transparent and real.

These are all the DMB moving parts that work together to increase the experience of Main Beach and its Villager culture.

  1. The DMB Website is our central Knowledge Hub.
  2. DMB Facebook Group is the daily pulse of the Village – think of it as a daily news feed from the grassroots of our community.
  3. Business Membership Club  This is our gateway for businesses to engage and connect with the Villagers.
  4. The Villager Newsletter is a monthly edition, it is a little edgy, but definitely world-class in community newsletters.
  5. The Villager Club Newsletter provides weekly updates to members on exclusive opportunities, perks & prize draws within Main Beach.

We also have an extensive network of Facebook pages that capture The Spit, our Beaches, Tedder Avenue, Sunrises, business, property, lifestyle activities, and more. All these are designed to funnel the good stuff back to our centre and equally broadcast our village attributes to the world.

Main Beach Demographic

Main Beach provides that almost elusive Work/Life balance, a lifestyle formula of Business, Health, and Happiness. Most people are drawn to Main Beach as it provides a near-perfect foundation for these aspirations.

Main Beach Geographic

Main Beach runs alongside the famous if not magical ocean and beach line on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Main Beach is the Active Lifestylers Paradise, and front door to the Gold Coast experience both on land and water.