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A passionate 'Active Lifestyler which makes Main Beach my nirvana! I am Chief Editor of the "Main Beach Lifestyler" email magazine, the architect of the global Cancer Hub "The Cancer Tool Kit Series" and the person behind #UnCancered You can dig deeper @

Little Evie’s Day on the Spit


Oh Evie... (Genevieve) what a little character this little lady is! I was so blessed and privileged to have been contacted to take family photos of Evie and her family whilst they were on holiday at the Gold Coast

Little Evie’s Day on the Spit2019-11-09T01:20:20+00:00

Main Beach Spring Flower festival Sept 2019 Video


2019 Event - Thank you to the Main Beach Association for creating such a wonderful event, that not only compliments the main Beach Lifestyle, but also significantly enhanced it.

Main Beach Spring Flower festival Sept 2019 Video2019-10-29T07:33:30+00:00

Lynne Goddard


Lynne always has a keen interest in people enhancing, enjoying and making the most of their lives, Lynne’s extensive business career started

Lynne Goddard2019-11-09T01:21:48+00:00

Paul Collins


Meet the Locals Paul Collins [...]

Paul Collins2019-11-11T03:30:10+00:00

Stunning Main Beach


Stunning Stuff - Swim, surf run walk cycle anyway you want, Main Beach has it covered and its absolutely amazing.

Stunning Main Beach2019-10-11T06:17:00+00:00

Wheels and Heels


Join Shuck for their Annual WHEELS & HEELS Lunch Tedder Avenue Wednesday October 23rd 11am to 3 pm

Wheels and Heels2019-11-07T04:42:17+00:00

The Spit


Another #OnlyinMainBeach experience, a Gold Coast treasure, a must visit destination for all our inbound international friends - jump on our Pirate ship to Paradise

The Spit2019-10-09T04:47:30+00:00

Only in Main Beach in Main Beach


An amazing time of year to ride down the Spit to the Seaway and #onlyinmainbeach experience

Only in Main Beach in Main Beach2019-10-31T06:19:55+00:00