Cable Park Main Beach comments page


This pages has been created for comments on the history of Cable Park Main Beach -  Southern end of Narrow Neck

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Main Beach Spring Flower festival Sept 2019 Video


2019 Event - Thank you to the Main Beach Association for creating such a wonderful event, that not only compliments the main Beach Lifestyle, but also significantly enhanced it.

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Lynne Goddard Main Beach resident


Lynne always has a keen interest in people enhancing, enjoying and making the most of their lives, Lynne’s extensive business career started

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Paul Collins


Meet the Locals Paul Collins [...]

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Rita Noon


Congratulations Rita the festival was a stunning success for Main Beach at every layer. But lets dive in behind the Flowers and zoom in on the "Rita about Main Beach" 

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Sue Donovan


Sue is the current president of the Main Beach Association first discovered the delights of Main Beach when she and her husband John bought a yacht at the Gold Coast over 30 years ago.

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Puppuchino’s on Main


Meet Sophie the 6 year old toy poodle who loves fashion, seeing new places, meeting new friends

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Main Beach origins in the names


In 1966 it gained it's name because it was the main surf beach for the town of Southport.

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