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A passionate 'Active Lifestyler which makes Main Beach my nirvana! I am Chief Editor of the "Main Beach Lifestyler" email magazine, the architect of the global Cancer Hub "The Cancer Tool Kit Series" and the person behind #UnCancered You can dig deeper @

Paul Collins


Meet the Locals Paul Collins [...]

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Stunning Main Beach


Stunning Stuff - Swim, surf run walk cycle anyway you want, Main Beach has it covered and its absolutely amazing.

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Wheels and Heels


Join Shuck for their Annual WHEELS & HEELS Lunch Tedder Avenue Wednesday October 23rd 11am to 3 pm

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The Spit


Another #OnlyinMainBeach experience, a Gold Coast treasure, a must visit destination for all our inbound international friends - jump on our Pirate ship to Paradise

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Only in Main Beach in Main Beach


An amazing time of year to ride down the Spit to the Seaway and #onlyinmainbeach experience

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Rita Noon


Congratulations Rita the festival was a stunning success for Main Beach at every layer. But lets dive in behind the Flowers and zoom in on the "Rita about Main Beach" 

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Sue Donovan


Sue is the current president of the Main Beach Association first discovered the delights of Main Beach when she and her husband John bought a yacht at the Gold Coast over 30 years ago.

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