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A passionate 'Active Lifestyler which makes Main Beach my nirvana! I am Chief Editor of the "Main Beach Lifestyler" email magazine, the architect of the global Cancer Hub "The Cancer Tool Kit Series" and the person behind #UnCancered You can dig deeper @

Transports on Tedder a Main Beach favourite


The Gold Coast 600 kicks off with the Transporters on Tedder - this is a great get together a fusion of locals and visitor on the Avenues of Main Beach

Transports on Tedder a Main Beach favourite2019-10-11T00:58:22+00:00

Puppuchino’s on Main


Meet Sophie the 6 year old toy poodle who loves fashion, seeing new places, meeting new friends

Puppuchino’s on Main2019-10-01T02:07:36+00:00

Main Beach origins in the names


In 1966 it gained it's name because it was the main surf beach for the town of Southport.

Main Beach origins in the names2019-10-01T03:50:23+00:00

Main Beach Sundale Bridge and Waterways Drive Upgrade


the gateway to many popular cultural precincts, the Sundale Bridge, Gold Coast Highway, Waterways Drive and Macarthur Parade are experiencing significant congestion.

Main Beach Sundale Bridge and Waterways Drive Upgrade2019-10-01T00:56:40+00:00

Main Beach Update – Sand Pump Jetty Upgrade


Upgrading the Sand Bypass System Jetty to ensure the ongoing operation and maintenance of the Sand Bypass System. The System maintains safe navigational access to the Gold Coast Seaway.

Main Beach Update – Sand Pump Jetty Upgrade2019-10-01T00:21:12+00:00

Spaghetti Della Casa Quentin styled


Spaghetti Della Casa on Tedder Avenue in Main Beach -fantastic pasta. Try it Quentin styled - hold the mushrooms and the spaghetti just add pene - grazie grazie grazie hmmmm deliziosa

Spaghetti Della Casa Quentin styled2019-10-01T10:32:33+00:00

Bush Turkey’s of Main Beach


The Bush Turkey family of the Spit's famed Federation Walk are another layer to our magnificent Main Beach Kaleidoscope

Bush Turkey’s of Main Beach2019-10-01T00:45:07+00:00

Did you know that


We’d love the Gold Coast community to join our Main Beach community this Saturday 28 September to give The Spit a spring clean.

Did you know that2019-09-21T03:53:42+00:00

Main Beach Spring Flower Festival Map and Itinerary


Share, View or Print Pdf - This layout is really easy to navigate by mobile phone as you wander around the Spring Flower Festival this weekend. Just hit the button below, when it loads just save it to you phones desk top ! Easy !

Main Beach Spring Flower Festival Map and Itinerary2019-09-05T04:32:14+00:00

le Spit – Tour of Main Beach


Possibly the best strip of tar seal on the Gold Coast - ride the easy 25 km's with me or hook on for a large peloton finish around the Spit and down the famed cobbles of Tedder for wind out your year - We did a small version of this last year with great success,

le Spit – Tour of Main Beach2019-09-04T07:24:07+00:00