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Smart Localism is Smart Business

Every community has a village full of villagers within it, just as every living cell has a nucleus full of DNA within it.  We help infuse and connect business into this vital ecosystem.

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Smart Localism is Local leading global

To win the villagers is to win your own tribe of business advocates.
A Village for the Villagers by the Villagers also extends to you and your business.
This is as close to the word of mouth as you get in the online world.

  • We want you and your business to be successful Village contributors.
  • Let us advocate and share your business as part of our Villager vibe and pride.
  • Help the Village and the Villagers help you.
  • Main Beach Village has an excellent reputation and reach,
  • Insert your business into our success equation.

A Village full of Villagers can be very helpful.

Tip; Find something you can donate, give or contribute – for example; Donate some plants to Federation Walk, and let us talk you up! This has enormous engagement value and lifts your business above the rest. There are many other examples, so let’s chat.

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Update & Change-log –

  • April 25th; Biz Villager posting guidelines updated – pdf
  • April 20, 2021: Business Directory and Biz Villager Membership is up and running – click here to view
  • Business can now join  – if they have completed a business directory listing and joined the Biz-Villager email,
  • New email sign up is currently being design – est completion 13 Nov
  • Similar to Yelp /trip advisor with local news integration to ensure maximum engagement
  • Beta is complete and businesses can now sign on for 3 months of free access.
  • Covid is wearing thin and events are coming back – we are now looking at restarting breakfast and lunch sessions
Friday Long lunch.

Currently on hold Atm – intend to be back for June – Dec 2021

Creative, Innovative, and solutions-based get-togethers. 
These are not networking events and are invite-only. Ensure that you are on the Biz Villager email list to receive an update or invite.

Purpose number one is to enjoy meeting other like-minded businesses, and entrepreneurial thinkers.
The lunch is set out in a quality relaxed space, designed to stimulate something new and actionable within your world.

Each lunch is set around an Innovative and solutions-based theme.

  • Venues will highlight the Main Beach experience.
  • Each lunch theme will be emailed to you with the invite.
  • Typically a Maximum of 20 available seats available.
  • Not a networking event, so do not bring any promotional material.
  • No business pitches, just a quick intro’s to identify who’s who.
  • Email group: Each lunch will have a custom email group. The purpose of this group is an introduction and follow-up for attendees only. This minimizes the effort and maximizes your lunch experience.
  • The menu options and costs will be included in your invitation.
  • You will be asked to email your lunch insights within 24 hours – something constructive, short and to the point.

This will be horses for courses styled experience, and as such you can cherry-pick what lunch themes best suit/works for you.
To add your name to the invite list click this link 

Kind Regards
Steve Holmes

Creating the future village.

A Village for the Villagers, by the Villagers.

We’re a nimble and proud non-profit organisation focused on building a smarter more vibrant villager community environment for Main Beach. Our mission is to create a remarkable and resourceful Villager community, that adds something extra special to the Gold Coast experience.

Why a Village?

Simple – It’s real

Villagers rally around shared values, and the collective visions, and aspirations that rise up from them. It’s we villagers that build our village, a special place where everyone knows your name, and word of mouth has high value. This understanding is a critical and enduring distinction.

How we do this

Simply put, we help create the reality by giving the village visibility, voice, and momentum. We resurrected the Main Beach story – we give it oxygen to breathe and room to play, the opportunity to become the best it could possibly be. This is a strategy that applies equally to individuals, communities, and businesses. It adds another superior layer of value above and beyond the crowd, a beacon that attracts otherwise unseen opportunities and benefits.

Become part of our success equation

I think that is something worth getting behind, so jump on and join us, become a Villager or a friend of our Village initiative – be part of something special that moves the needle and makes a measurable difference.

Steve Holmes
Village Editor

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