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WOW Margo deserves some extra Villager bonus points, for sharing her dream in Tedder Village.

Tedder Village Dashboard

Nikki Jordan

Flowers on Tedder

We had a chat and a look around the current displays as Flowers on Tedder get firmly into Christmas mode and I know we were there for flowers but, my eye caught the chocolates in fact they are not just chocolate they are visual feasts and great gift ideas. The more time that you spend in the beautiful air conditioned ambience the more you fall under it’s spell… just words I know, but so true, you just want to stay and immerse into the ambience. I spotted so many quality gifts and arrangements that I can see why the shop door bell kept ringing with new customers.
A great Villager quality even though Nikki was under the pump serving customers she still managed a smile and a welcome to me – Top stuff Nikki I shall return!
Look at their Gift range

Also keep an eye on the Workshops they are very popular

Margo de Groot

Owner and Dreamweaver
Flowers on Tedder

Don’t you just love Childhood dreams, they are so powerful yet they somehow wither under the heady onset of “Adulthood”  but some of us just continue on like “Alice”  (Alice in Wonderland)
From the Bulletin:
“After 30 years as a lawyer and practice owner, Margot de Groot realised a childhood dream and opened her own florist.” Flowers on Tedder!

I really love this stuff,  Margo has held onto her ‘Looking Glass’ firmly as she moved through a demanding career in Law.  WOW Margo deserves some extra Villager bonus points for that – in fact we Villager’s are so lucky that she wanted to reveal her dream here in Tedder Village!

More Snippets from the Bulletin
“Hollywood serves as aspiration for many of everyday people — a love like Jack and Rose, a friendship like Thelma and Louise and a suit collection like James Bond. Margot is no different.
“I’m not sure if you recall the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan — Meg Ryan was the owner of a beautiful book store called ‘The Shop Around the Corner’, which her mother had started,” she says.

“It was the shop that many people remembered fondly as fostering their love of reading and which several generations of families patronised. That’s the sort of shop I would like Flowers on Tedder to be.”

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Did you know ?
Flowers on Tedder Voted the best in the Biz here on the Goldie last year Read the full article

As magnificent as the physical shop is, you will find it just as inspiring to visit them on line.

You are able to select from the range of flowers and other gifts, and place your order via our web store. You will need to make payment with your card over the phone or in store if you are collecting from Flowers on Tedder.

Shared information is powerful it improves Outcomes

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