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Hi its Steve here, your Christmas Main Beach Newsletter is ready bookmark it for the holidays
Bookmark this for your holidays
Thank you 
Main Beach Travel and FlyCruise for supporting our efforts in evolving this newsletter into something very special, that captures and projects our unique brand of Villager Vibe. 
Main Beach Travel is located on the corner of Tedder & Hughes Avenue. 
It’s the Villagers who build the Village
Celebrating all the good stuff makes for a pretty special environment.
Main Beach's successes coninue to build through it's disconnection from the sport of public social critiquing and a greater focus on all the good stuff and the momentum it creates from the grass roots up. That's pretty basic and simplistic thinking, but it works.
A Community is people in proximatey.  A Village is more defined by a villager culture of 'we' galvanised around their shared vision, purpose and direction. It's a perception that finds it's own reality.  Destination Main Beach just helps our Villagers to achieve this.
2019 Best Villagers 
Villagers with the Vibe 
A little over 2 years ago, Kellie and Jenna took their vision head on and put all their skills and passion on the line and opened their cafe called called "Hot Shott."
They transcended the norm and created a new vibe on Tedder - a vibe that beat expectations and hauling in awards and accolades from afar.
Kelly and Jenna have not only redefined the corner of Tedder and Woodroffe Avenues, they have played a significant role in redefining our Village experience. 
Congratulations Kellie and Jenna you have created something special, and a special thank you to Kellie's Mum and Dad (Ron and Helen) you have made such a difference  - sorry there is no flash award to go with this - just a bunch of words 🙂 
Hot Shott has set in motion a villager vibe that is flourishing throughout all the lands of Main Beach, with Blacksmith, then Flowers on Tedder - the accolades don't stop there more 
Recent Articles
Archived articles
prior to December 
Lots of articles have been updated and added to ... [read more]
Event Organiser
Milly Reynolds 
Tedder's Twilight Christmas Party ... [read more]
Cable Park 
A residents page 
Deborah Kelly's comments have sparked a new page ... [read more]
Mike and Mandy
Main Beach Travel 
Setting high standards & winning... [read more]
Get Coffee 
Swimming with the tide
Another biz Villager adding to the Villager Vibe... [read more]
Meet Loysh
Loysh Photography
The Loysh passion of people, road trips, the arts and Australian beaches.... [read more]
Events & Activity
Apologies to all those who signed up for the Christmas ride - we just couldn't fit it in our ever tightening schedule - perhaps someone could volunteer to set up next year - a foldup bike dress up event in a tight circuit around Tedder ??? Please let me know if you are up to this perhaps we could tie this in with a Christmas lights celebration ?? 
More Events
December 25 - 6:30am Deck Chairs on Tedder with a bit on the side - not really an event - more of a popup for lost coffee souls like myself. I have been doing this for years. Grab a deck chair and a takeaway coffee - and join me - you will have to bring your own bit of chrissie cheer on the side :)-  last year was on the corner near Hard Coffee - who were selling takeaway coffee only.
December 26 – Boxing Day  Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
January 5 Love Out Loud 2020 Vision Yacht Party - by Nicole Gibson
Best for Cycling  Ride Gold Coast
Best for a Run  Parkrun every Saturday morning
Best for Outrigging based on Seaworld Drive  Northcliffe Outrigger Club
We recently tried Pete's recommended   Clam & Sweet Kumura Chowder. 🙂
|Could you be a Contributor? 
We are currently looking for content contributors for this magazine.
A little zaney, a lot passionate, want to be part of something remarkable & resourceful that adds value to our Villager experience - is this you ? 
Call text or email
Claire 0431180783 
Businesses Partnering 
the Villager vision
Thank you 
2019 Changes That Can’t Be Ignored -
You don't need to be told that the digital evolution is changing the way business is conducted, and therefore the practice of law - this impacting you -[read more]... Also see archived article - "Land Tax - is this you?"
A warm welcome to
Cherie Leburn to Tedder Avenue 
Leburn & Associates 

Shop 6/24 Tedder Ave - Next to Hard Coffee
34 years trading as Real Estate professionals in Brisbane’s prestigious leafy River Suburbs... read more
Cherie has just released her 3/4 year report on Main Beach property stats - view here
What is the Average Body Corp fee in Main Beach... this insight may surprise you, but worth a read if you are in the market [read more]
On the Spit 
Mariner's Cove and Marina is now on the block and marketed as Australia's premier opportunity for an international standard resort style waterfront development...[read more]
Main Beach ranked 53rd in Qld median house value (annualised) increase, ranked 20th over the last 5 years. Recent median for Main Beach is $750,000, averaging 9.62% off the asking price. continue reading
Recent Development Activity 
  • Cerulean - 16 level Apartment Tower - Cerulean comes from the Latin word caeruleus, which means "dark blue" and is most likely from "caelum," the Latin word for "sky"
  • Trenert on Woodroffe - 32 story Apartment Tower - demolition activity & construction fences are up
  • Proposed 23 story development cnr Stafford Ave & McArthur Park Parade 
  • 3649 & 3651 MAIN BEACH PARADE - Boutique Freehold Development Site with Holding Income in northern Main Beach
  • Hotel @ 25 Woodroffe abandoned - 5 blocks now back on the market @ around the 16 ml mark!
  • Proposed 2 Super Yacht Berths - which will mean relocating the Dog Park
  • Can you add to this for our January edition? - please email
Sue Donovan
Main Beach Association
The wrap up summary for the Main Beach Assn 2019  ...[read more]
Federation Walk
Over 600 plants in the ground.
Thanks to all the volunteers who came along  ...[read more]
Main Beach Villagers helping council to enhance our Village environment
Hop On Hop Off Ferry
From 8 December 2019
Main Beach residents and visitors will be...[read more]
Council Updates
Community Signs
Informing on Sundale & Waterways Drive upgrades ...[read more]
State Government News - Spit Works
Starting:  View Info Page 
  • Shared pathway/cycle lane Muriel Henchman precinct to Doug Jennings Park
    Drive to the Seaway
  • Seaway Path to Light Beacon Upgrade
  • Seaway: New Toilet and Picnic facilities at end of Moondarewa Park
Businesses Partnering
the Villager vision
Thank you
Why is mould growing in my home?
There is no set season of the year where mould will grow, and it is an issue that can occur all year round. Mould will begin to form and grow on surfaces in your home when there is a combination of moisture and poor ventilation. If mould is left untreated in these conditions, it will typically begin to spread, becoming detrimental to your health and comfort of living...quick online quote
 Villagers know best
We want you the Villager to do some interviews and send in to us - You can write it, recorded it on youtube or vimeo, or perhaps an audio podcast - no matter what we will find a way to publish it here on Destination Main Beach's Lifestyler. Add your #OnlyinMainBeach vibe - it will be fun. Email me - Steve - or Claire - and we can wing it from there:)
Most Popular 2019 
Alan Thomas and Bridget Daley
The Sports Whispered - Latest 
Hugh Bowman opens up about his early years as a jockey, and the challenging journey to championship status. In part 1 of this 2 part podcast, Hugh reflects on his illustrious career, the good and the not so good times. His partnership with champion mare, Winx, made Hugh a household name. listen now 
Rita Noon
is very active in the Main Beach community so we have created a dedicated page for you to find easily, just add (forward slash) "/rita" to the Destination Main Beach URL. 
Currently Rita is working on the 2020 Main Beach Spring Flower Festival. Read more about Rita's activities and her day job...[read more]
Villager Comments
As we move forward on our Villager to Village mission, we evole how we communicate and share. We now have a Main Beach Villager Chat Lounge up and chatting...
A safe, fun space for Villages to share what's good andwhat's happening. Our local Biz Villagers can share and educate what they do, without any pricing attached. Try it out we think you will love it! 
Kailene Squire
"This place is amazing. Margarita is an incredible woman with a great knowledge of dogs. She makes the most nutritious human grade meatloaf and my normally fussy Ruby just loves it...[continue to post and comments]
Di Challinor - re Bush Stone Curlew article
"Unfortunately, since the removal of the ponds just north of the Sheraton Mirage, they, along with literally hundreds of other birds, have left the immediate area, pushed north, or elsewhere, seeking a new water source...[continue reading]
Deborah Kelly - re Cable Street Park
"Hi Steve, what a great job you have done with this community newsletter!! Thank you. I will look forward to the next edition.
Possible future topic: the history of Cable St Park. It’s a very interesting story, and a lot of people in Main Beach and beyond don’t seem to know about the importance of this tiny and much neglected park. There are some photos in the old Surf Pavilion showing cable laying work..[continue reading]

Thanks Deborah, this is a really important highlight considering its significance that is unknown to many. I have opened up a news page on and we will compile an article in January of February edition 
Meet Mike and Mandy
Mike and Mandy are our Main Beach Travel Villagers who generously provided the grand prize in our recent Spring Flower Festival – $22,000 Luxury European River Cruise for 2, which was won by Graeme Hughes at Oscar on Main (Nov edition). We have highlighted what their clients are saying and the reason why they are winning awards...[read more]
Clifford Bennett
A firm sideways market as we head into Christmas ...[Watch Video]
Villagers Noticeboard
Do you have something to add? 

New Stuff

Ultra Body and Skin - Cnr Tedder & Peak  Avenue
The first cosmetic clinic to bring the latest cutting edge European technology to the Gold Coast. See Kelli featured on Chanel 9
New Deli - Crn of Tedder Ave & Peak Ave 
Currently under construction next to Ultra Body and Skin
The Veranda Bar - Tedder Avenue
delicious drinks and excellent service, all while you sip away the afternoon and evening
Bohemian Hair Artistry is a make up and spray tan boutique complete with cutting edge hair stylists ready to make you gorgeous for any occasion.
Get Coffee
Great little spot with a ton of personality
Get Coffee on instagram 
Best on the Seaway
Loysh Drones it over the Seaway 
See the [drone footage here]
Best of Federation Walk
Field + Forest Photography:  We've always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from.  The kind that catch your eye and make you want to study every tiny detail and just as you think you've seen it all, you have to look back just once more to make sure you didn't miss anything  [view our portfolio]
Visit Friends of Federation Walk Facebook page 
Best of Main Beach 
Portraits by Kota :  [VIEW OUR PORTFOLIO]
Visit Gold Coast Main Beach Fb Facebook page 
Best of Tedder Avenue
The heart of the Village:  
Dec 1st, it was reported that an uncontrolled outbreak of fun had taken hold - this shot catches some instigators via Domani's fun-cam [view Domani's]
Join Destination Main Beach's new Villager Chat Lounge
Thank you
Thanks to the breakthroughs in technology, bio technology, Collective and Connective Knowledge, Cancer Research & trial applications, much has been acheived in 2019. Globally we are evolving a cure and saving the unsaveable lives such as Matt and myself - Matt & I now get to keep our memories and make new ones.
Merry Christmas, it has been such a privilege and enjoyment to be here as a fellow Villager signing off on 2019.
Kind Regards
Referenced links 
Some memories of our families Christmas past 
Claire, Georgia, Zach & myself
Destination Main Beach
Main Beach Gold Coast
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