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Cable Park Main Beach

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This page has been created for comments on the history of Cable Park Main Beach –  southern end of Narrow Neck. Please add your comments, knowledge information. We will be correlating and creating an article for a future edition of the Main Beach Lifestyler – looking at February 1st 202o at this stage.

Cable Park Main Beach

The Comment section is at the bottom of this page

The Comment that started this page was from a Main beach Lifestyler reader

Deborah Kelly –
Re: Cable Street Park
“HI Steve, what a great job you have done with this community newsletter!! Thank you. I will look forward to the next edition.

Possible future topic: the history of Cable St Park. It’s a very interesting story, and a lot of people in Main Beach and beyond don’t seem to know about the importance of this tiny and much neglected park. There are some photos in the old Surf Pavilion showing cable laying work.

Sadly, the Council decided to approve a development adjacent to the park that doesn’t appear to have any side setback, so no doubt there will be an annexing of the park during construction and a permanent intrusion once the building is complete. The previous approval on that site did have a contribution condition requiring the developer to spend $1M on Cable Park, but that approval lapsed. The new developer doesn’t have to do anything at all – see the rest of Deborah’s comment below

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