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Bush Stone Curlew


  • Bird – large-eyed and long legged terrestrial foragers known as thick-knees

  • Nocturnal

  • Diet – mainly of insects and other invertebrates. Larger species will also take lizards and even small mammals

  • Territory – Reasonably common in the north of Australia, more rare in the less fertile south.

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Bush Stone-curlew

Burhinus grallarius

If Bush Stone-curlews are nearby you may hear their eerie, high-pitched wailing at night. This ghost-like call is their contact call, and may be given by several birds in a chorus. Rendered as weer-lo, it is repeated four or five times, sometimes culminating in a trilled, screeching crescendo. It is sometimes also heard during the day, when stone-curlews are usually inactive, standing quietly in the shade with their eyes half-closed, or squatting on the ground where their cryptic plumage makes them difficult to see among the leaf litter. . . continue reading

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