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This is an initiative by Destination Villages with local Community Organisation partners.

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Please support Claire - she has kept me and this email going finacially.
Claire has over time developed tech by girls which is a remote workforce of stay at home Techie Girls, Mums and Students who have the opportunity to earn and contribute from their home. Fully SEO-ed -One Page Websites in 48 hours for $500+gst  details - This is especially relevant now for personal and professional people who need to share their profiles and stand out.

Ideas submitted 

This list is restricted to virus and post virus conditions.

Hopefully something here will resonate or spark your attention.
Please submit and share your ideas, solutions and suggestions to and we will add your name (company link) against it. 
We want your ideas - email
  • The Village Green - A central community space with a platform to host business product and services interviews. An outdoor space like the Hampton Festival business to meet villagers, an edu-tainment styled Q&A for 15 - 20 mins. This can include Main Beach Historians =, organisations such as Federation Walk, Public health and many other education speakers including poets and more that can add value to our villagers. 
  • The Village Vege Patch - a communal project for quality organic produce - we have spare carpark space and land - will landlords pitch in and provide the space?
  • Pop up Dinner Parties. Popup groups (Dinner, Lunch, or Breakfast teams) that have to dine in every restaurant on Tedder Ave. Create some type of competition idea over a period of 3 to 6 month duration. Currently Main Beach has one identifiable group up and running called the “Popup Crew”.
  • Progressive restaurant dinners (this is being done in Broadbeach as a business). This could be an event for the Main Beach Business and Tourism Assc. 
  • Spin for Coffee Challenge- Capture the cyclists spirit of challenge and fitness. Create a Top Town challenge series - Main Beach Verses Burleigh for example. Hook into live streaming between the two towns main streets of Tedder and James. Main Beach has some stunning corner spaces outside cafes and restaurants that can accomodate this. Cafes.and restaurants can host a relay team of 4 - 6 who riders over several hours - moist output or Kms is winner
  • Video Presenter on site in Main Beach - raw, real, no fluff face to face interviews with Business Villagers and Villagers of Main Beach. We could draft up 3 questions in advance: 
    • (1) What are you doing to bed in and survive this crisis? 
    • (2) What is the one thing you are initiating right now to thrive through and beyond this?
    • (3) What makes Main Beach such a resilient thriving Village in times of crisis?
  • Family and friendships will drive the rebuild - then Friends of Friends - Campaign list
  • Adopt / Partner with TSS and St Hildas in accommodation and work experience or other??? Run a store for aa daty?/? 
  • Beach Versus Bush - Main Beach Versus Gundy or Moree 
  • The Main Beach food expertise must stand out. - Develop a Main Beach Digital Menu
  • Ditch Uber Eats develop / create Tedder Eats  - underway
  • Seaworld partnership - bring Seaword to Tedder and the Businesses and Villagers will be their biggest asset
  • What can we do with a Duck - Adopt a Duck - see Greg Nerain (expert in buses) 
  • Dinner Bonds - see
There were more - stay tuned

Idea Contributors

Thank you to. -

Andrew Csabi - AGC Protec
Annette Sinclair Main Beach Property Services
Rita Noon - Rita Noon Image 
Dominque Corbett - Corbett & Co
Kerry McCormick - GCCC
Steve Holmes - Destination Main Beach
Claire Holmes - tech by girls
Tony and Grace Burns -Xanadu Main Beach Resort
Ami and Vanessa  - Main Wave Restaurant Tedder Avenue
Main Beach Business and Tourism Association -

Solutions Suggestions

Anything related to improving business on the street

Do you have a solution or two - please email to
I will add it hear and credit your name or business.


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New Initiative

An initiative by Destination Main Beach and Tedder Avenue food outlets.

It is important that you support this by adding by printing this poster and display in public visibility - also share by social media and email

This idea was vis Ammish - le Jardin Cafe as a solution in pulling Tedder Ave together, and was immediately supported by Main Wave Restaurant. 

tech by girls designed this very basic Villager web app that hopes to get the phone ringing and orders going out the door. 

Taking a leaf out of Paradise Point, who has community volunteers delivering restaurant and. cafe meals for free to keep their village going. We think this is an excellent idea - can you help ? 

Claire - tech by girls has also agreed to add menus to the "Tedder Eats app"  at no cost to the restaurants and cafes, if they can provide a professional pdf or a word (or similar) menu that can be copied and pasted.
View Tedder Eats
If I can do it, then so can you.
I have faced up to financially losing everything, and I mean everything several times. I have also faced up to extreme personal health challenges, from breaking my neck in 2012 and being paralysed down my right side for 8 months, to being struck down by the most hostile of all terminal cancers, that gave me just 1% chance of survival, with an average survival period of 6.7 months. 

My story - -

Let's do some Hustle Up-ing together and help each other back up to solid ground

Straight talking Snippets

Straight talking with

Steve Holmes
"Lead with the Mind, the rest will follow"

#1 Acceptance was, and still is my hardest resource to master, yet is the most powerful resource in my tool kit. The quicker you can pause, become aware and accept your current position the quicker your mind can find its reset. I never was this as giving in, or giving up, it gave me new momentum. I began to see, what I could not see before.
Steve Holmes 

Straight talking with  

Clifford Bennett on the volatile Markets
The markets This is not 2008. This is much worse.
Watch this Video Clip

Straight talking with  

WHO and friends on Viruses and the corona family
Here is a cross section of very easy videos that matter.

Jump back to this video Clip on the influenza and pandemics in 2017. This will help gain some perspective.

Watch this Video Clip on how a virus and a vaccine works - very simple and very basic.

View a summary of for short videos on Corona from the Labs themselves

We in the cancer world know how significant it is to empower through targeted and accurate information -this saves lives and improves outcomes.

Straight talking with  

General Stanley McChrystal 
Getting the right answer is no longer the secret, the reality is getting the people in the room to accept the answer and implementing it (them)
Interviewed by Jordan B Peterson
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