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The Main Beach Association was founded early in 2016 by a group of Main Beach residents concerned about proposed high rise developments on The Spit, despite the new City Plan specifying that heights in the area should not exceed three storeys. Since that time, the Association has played a leading role in advocating for the protection and enhancement of the very special character of Main Beach, including The Spit. With a committee comprising business and professional people, the Association has a strong track record of creating detailed submissions on a wide range of issues, particularly those involving town planning. Campaign successes include working with other community organisations to establish the Spit Master Plan and persuading the City of Gold Coast not to proceed with their deeply unpopular proposal to push a light rail spur through Tedder Avenue.

The Association’s most recent major  activity has been to organise and deliver the Main Beach Spring Flower Festival over the weekend of 7-8 September. This ambitious event, which was attended by 7000 people, showcased  Tedder Avenue to a wide range of visitors, many of whom had never been to Main Beach before. It provided a much needed boost to Tedder Avenue businesses and demonstrated what can be achieved when residents, traders, landlords and the Council work together to create long term benefits for the local community.

The Association is already actively involved in responding to the proposed amendments to the City Plan, especially as they affect the visual amenity and quality of life in Main Beach and beyond.

Main Beach Association members are people who care deeply about the future of Main Beach and the Spit—and are determined to work to protect and enhance the character of this very special part of the Gold Coast. 

New members are welcome, whether local residents, traders, landlords —or simply visitors to Main Beach and The Spit.

To find out how join this very active group, contact Association president Sue Donovan.

Email: suedonovangilder@gmailcom  Mobile: 0411 138 113 

A massive year for the Main Beach Association

After an exhausting but rewarding nine months organising the successful Spring Flower Festival in Tedder Avenue, the Main Beach Association continues to work hard in the interests of the Main Beach community.

For example, in recent weeks the Association provided a very detailed submission to the City of Gold Coast on proposed changes to the City Plan as they affect the character and liveability of Main Beach.

Fortunately the Council sees the MBA as the ‘go to’ people for community consultation, and meet with us frequently to update us on topics such as the massive road improvements currently taking place near the junction of Macarthur Parade and Seaworld Drive.

Naturally we continue to take a very active interest in the improvements at The Spit, proposals for two Super Yacht berths at the Southport Club, the proposal for a Cruise Ship Terminal at The Spit and so on.

If you wish to join the Association or are one of those who hasn’t quite got around to renewing their membership, give Sue Donovan a ring on 041 1138 113.

She will be happy to send you an application form and give you any information about the Association’s plans for the coming year. Or download a form from the Main Beach Association website https://mainbeachgc.com.au/.  

Sadly, Dave and Lia Hutley who have contributed so much to the Main Beach Association have decided to step down from the Committee after three years of intensive work. We will really miss their dedication and are hoping that some new people will rise to the challenge of doing what we all care so much about—protecting  and improving the wonderful area where we are so fortunate to live.

Remember, the Main Beach Association can only be effective if it has an active committee and a large membership that reflects the interests of residents, traders and landlords.

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