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Magazine Relaunched!

Below is the first edition of the Main Beach Lifestyler – formerly the Tedder Villager. You will need to add your details to receive future editions. We sincerely hope this hits the spot as we share the fusion, ambience and kaleidoscope of Main Beach – the jewel in the Gold Coast Experience!

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This September edition is our maiden shake down cruise as we venture onwards with the more inclusive branding of “Destination Main Beach”

This online emagazine “Main Beach Lifestyler” is designed to allow you to skim quickly on your mobile devices, plugging into the ambient vibe of Main Beach – or as Bruce Wilson so aptly has put it over many years “Magnificent Main Beach”. A special thanks to the Main Beach Association for getting behind Claire and I to support this publication. We also wish Sue and her team the best as they work tirelessly to ensure a great Spring Flower Festival next week.

We have an amazingly vibrant and privileged lifestyle here in Main Beach, a lifestyle experience that are the stuff of dreams  – yet here we all are, it is real 🙂

Hope you enjoy
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This is a great opportunity to win, only 999 total tickets so the chance of a win is up there and it’s for a very good cause.
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These breakfasts are Main Beach themed and hosted with a focus on welcoming the world outside Main Beach to our breakfast table ambience. So if you are a new resident or visitor please join us as we lean into a fast changing fusion of business, entrepreneurialism and lifestyles – be warned this is not the normal or stuffy biz breakky type arrangement.
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The first Podcast Episode is classic and rustic. A quality experience as you listen to Alan and Bridget tease out the memories, the struggles and the victories of this special woman now etched into the fabric of the once iron clad dominance of a male dominated sport. Pam has made a multi generational difference … hmmm best you listen in for yourself …
Website & Podcast

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Are you hooked on these two characters yet ?  You never know who you are brushing up against or sitting next to as you sip away on your morning coffee!
These two are of the early bird variety and love to patronise all of the cafes in Main Beach, particularly on the Avenue –
Click Here to view a couple more tit bits on Mr & Mrs Simpson

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Always popular especially for a family experience – thank you Lyn Wright for all your hard efforts, so many do benefit – such a significant contribution to the ambience and beauty of our Main Beach experience.

Planting Day Page | Website


Is this one of the most talked about subjects throughout the famed Village of Tedder? – I say yes – How is it, that we still do not have one of the most engaging foods of a nation here on the Avenue?
So let’s start up our very own imaginary funky fish n Chip Shop!
Every good chippie needs a good name. Join me and give our chippie the best name in all the lands of OZ! POST it HERE  or jump on the Tedder Village facebook page and look for the WE WANT FISH N CHIP POST.

After we have the name we are then going to begin designing how we want our funky chippie to look and feel.

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These cute little buggers certainly make an impression as the descend on Main Beach for their annual SantaPaws rally on the Spit – such a fantastic collision of colour, sounds and of course personalities
Beagles Christmas Fb | Beagles Qld Website 

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Please join me and my family as we celebrate the opportunity of a healthy life, family, friendships and just how lucky we are to share the landscapes of the Goldie and Main Beach.

This ride started last year, with the post ride BBQ in our backyard – it was a great success as many known to each other in name only, shared a tipple or two over a coffee and some barbie delights.

We have set our sights a little higher this year by expanding the ride to finish in a “tour de France” styled fashion down the famed cobbles of “Tedder Avenue” and the crowds who love us cyclists of all denominations – yes that means youfoldie upperer biker types! Bring your bowler hats and Christmas tucks and frocks to match – this is your grand finale for 2019.

It’s an up market Barbie on Tedder – Aussie style we where we will meet, mingle, laugh, stretch a few truths and most importantly put names to faces.

Please join us in in this Cycling Christmas Celebration here on the Gold Coast – It’s the personalities, the people and the colour that make our great kaleidoscope –  a fusion like no other 🙂

Email Steve | Ph Steve +61 416153522 | Le Spit Page

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Happen on life or life will happen on you ! –
Having said that life happened on me in a very big way.

Claire and I created The Cancer Tool Kit Series out of necessity for my survival. We have learnt much on our journey back to solid ground. Of great importance to us is the Newly Diagnosed Patient as I was once and what didn’t happen and needed to happen. Newly Diagnosed patients must be empowered with todays life saving information TODAY, to achieve best outcomes as I have.

One Cancer Patients Diagnosis instantly generates a community that is dramatically impacted and in desperate need of being equipped and empowered.

About Steve | About the Cancer Tool Kit Series

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Contact Steve

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