Citizens are Villagers in Kind,coming together around shared Values, Visions, and Aspirations, having fun building an enduring legacy build our Village.

A Post Modern Villager Revival

A Village by the Villagers for the Villagers

Monday 27th April
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A post ANZAC Face book Wrap –

Villager Facebook group content over the past 7 days. 5 Pictorial Pages  attached 
This wrap captures the grassroots efforts of our Village. We are at the beginning of a Villager Revival, an amazing opportunity to show leadership and help lead the way for other Gold Coast Villager Communities.

Become part of the success equation

We here in Main Beach, are Citizens in Kind, coming together around shared Values, Visions, and Aspirations. One by one we are seeing more and more people (Villagers) pitching in, and gladly picking up the shared responsibility, and its load. This has been heartening, and will become more obvious in time.

What can you do?

The first and biggest thing is to engage in our Facebook group, introduce yourself, and get involved in the discussion. Start a conversation.
We are a Solutions and Innovative Village, so we ask that your engagement and discussion is slanted toward this. Liking something is great, but adding to the conversation is more real.

‘Villager to Villager’

A Model to rebuild a Village
3 steps to light the village fire and build a healthy and prosperous ecosystem. A Village that will evolve forward, a beacon of Villager success within the Gold Coast for generations to follow.

  1. Centralize all the good Villager stuff, then …
  2. Build the chatter and Vibe around it, then
  3. Surround it all, with Villagers of Character and Talent, people who can help make this the reality.

Well that’s the bones of the Villager to Village model – pretty basic stuff really. Please join us on what should be a very rewarding and fun ride together.

Other ways you can engage

Hustle-Up email newsletter
An email newsletter for Biz Villagers. A Solutions and innovation-styled circulation that is grassroots Villager up in style. Anyone who is in Business can join free, ie this is not restricted,  if you have a stake in a successful Main Beach ecosystem, then hit the link and become part of the success equation. Click Here

Villager to Village email newsletter.
For all Villagers to be updated and connected
Click Here

Become a Volunteer
Volunteer forward, let us know your skills and Experiences. We have 2 very active organizations and the Flower show was a great example last year. there will be more, so it’s handy to have a list of willing Villagers to keep in the loop – Rita Noon is organizing this. Click Here

All the best

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