Spaghetti Della Casa Quentin styled

Spaghetti Della Casa on Tedder Avenue in Main Beach -fantastic pasta. Try it Quentin styled – hold the mushrooms and the spaghetti just add pene – grazie grazie grazie hmmmm deliziosa

1300 063 536

1300 063 536

Here is a story to get your choppers around!

Once upon a time ….
You have to understand that the taste is all in how you articulate the order. You could liken this learned skilled to that of the mating ritual of our local “Bush Turkeys” yes its a stretch I give you that, but none the less this is actually how some see Quentin’s ordering ritual when he attempts to secure that absolute most perfect Spaghetti Della Casa.

So the story starts with Quentin trotting down to his favourite Italian restaurant in all the lands of Tedder – Senza Nome an Italian legend that sits above the famed cobblestone of Tedder Avenue. Quentin does this several times each week.

Hello Tony  – (Tony is the co owner with wife Antonella) “Can I please order the Spaghetti Della Casa – “grazie” – Oh and can you hold the mushrooms please – oh yes, one more thing, can you exchange the spaghetti for penne – “Grazie” – its the wife you know, she’s getting a bit stroppy over all my messy shirts  – you know its the spaghetti  – it’s messy  -Penne is simpler – she is beginning to make unreasonable demands that I should wash them myself – grazie grazie grazie 🙂
Tony the calmly replies (as only an Italian can do!) – So that will be a Penne Della Casa then Mr O’Brien? – no – no  I just want the Spaghetti Della Casa, but hold the mushrooms and spaghetti and add the penne – grazie  grazie- Ok Mr O’Brien so that will be the same as yesterday ?  – – — yes grazie

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Grazie Grazie Grazie !

So which one are you?