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Little Evie’s Day on the Spit


Oh Evie... (Genevieve) what a little character this little lady is! I was so blessed and privileged to have been contacted to take family photos of Evie and her family whilst they were on holiday at the Gold Coast

Little Evie’s Day on the Spit2019-11-09T01:20:20+00:00

Lynne Goddard Main Beach resident


Lynne always has a keen interest in people enhancing, enjoying and making the most of their lives, Lynne’s extensive business career started

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Paul Collins


Meet the Locals Paul Collins [...]

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Rita Noon


Congratulations Rita the festival was a stunning success for Main Beach at every layer. But lets dive in behind the Flowers and zoom in on the "Rita about Main Beach" 

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Sue Donovan


Sue is the current president of the Main Beach Association first discovered the delights of Main Beach when she and her husband John bought a yacht at the Gold Coast over 30 years ago.

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Meet Alan Thomas


Meet Alan Thomas and Friends, a passionate Main Beach local and co-host of the Sports Whisperer a podcast from behind the camera. Alan adds another layer to our magnificent Main Beach Kaleidoscope

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Meet the Simpsons


Meet Trish and Tim Simpson, local residents and publishers of the international fishing publication "Bluewater Magazine" - The Simpson are another layer to our magnificent Main Beach Kaleidoscope

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