Transports on Tedder a Main Beach favourite

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The Gold Coast 600 kicks off with the Transporters on Tedder – this is a great get together a fusion of locals and visitor on the Avenues of Main Beach

Transporters on Tedder

The Supercars have landed!

Wednesday 23 October

This is the grand entrance parade as the Super cars are transported by the impressive parade police escorts and entourages.

A  spectacular display of colour and excitement as a procession of 26 metre long transporters make their way through Main Beach’s streets.

Watch out for these times

on Wednesday 23 October

8:00am, 10:45am, 1:30pm

Tedder Avenue, Main Beach

This is always an eclectic gathering and an opportunities for locals and visitors to come together

The Supercar link for this event 

Party @ Mano's

Check out the BIG RIGS as they drive through Tedder from the best Spot ! A little bit of music and a little bit of some crisp liquid refreshments will add to the experience. Check out the Mano’s event page